Sunday, August 16, 2009

A week in Wisconsin!

For the next week I am going to take a break from the LA wine scene and feature wines I tasted on our recent trip to Wisconsin! We went to see a very close friend of mine, Peg SanFelippo, a fellow student in the MW program. What a great time we had! 

We went to the Wisconsin State Fair and did a little local wine tasting. I made this video that has terrible sound and was shot sideways, but for my diehard fans (meaning my dog, Bubbles) this will be a riveting video. 

After tasting a few selections, including a Sangiovese, which I will blog about tomorrow, we decided the best was Cht. Saint Croix Cabernet Sauvignon. $20 at the fair and also available on their website. I just couldn't figure out if the pronunciation was "croy" or or "qua"? I think its "croy"... but I digress. I found this wine had nice structure and very good cassis fruit, very enjoyable. So enjoyable it made me think, Wisconsin, really? So I looked at the label and lo and behold the label states "Vinted and bottled by.." as opposed to "Produced and bottled by..." So me thinks this could be very good bulk wine imported from California and bottled in Wisconsin. I could be totally wrong, but the second clue was the alcohol level, 14.5%! I have a tough time believing they can get that high of an alcohol level in that cool humid climate. But then again, maybe they are chaptalizing... but the alcohol was very balanced with the fruit concentration... so I dunno people. I just know it was heads and tails better than the other wines there. Most of which were made of fruit. I tasted a lemon wine in the video at the end and let me just say it was like tart lemonade with alcohol. 

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