Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If you haven't been to Barbrix yet, the new bistro-style small plates endeavor by Claudio Blotta, formerly of La Terza and Campanile, and his wife Adria Tennor, movie star in the making, then you are missing out! It's on Hyperion, just east of the Mayfair and Trader Joe's at Griffith Park Blvd, at Tracy... a perfect way to spend a warm CA evening. 

And this isn't only because they Holus Bolus BTG at the rock bottom price of $10! That's a big reason to check it out for sure, but its so comfortable and inviting, and we love supporting the little guys. Adria, Claudio and their chef, Don, have an efficient and super friendly staff awaiting to pour you terrific wine, serve you tasty plates to share and to make you feel like you're in your own backyard being waited on hand and foot. 

And just to show you that I'm not totally biased, I am a big fan of the Parigot Rose. A deliciously fruity, raspberry and cherry laden sparkler from Burgundy. And who doesn't love a glass of the elegant but dark and brooding Lambrusco from Medici Ermete?? AND LOOK AT THE PRICE!! TEN BUCKS and SIX BUCKS PEOPLE! What do you want for $6 these days?   

Totally affordable and totally fun! Check it out - but make a res because they are currently very bust being the hippest Resto in SL. 

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