Monday, August 17, 2009

Sangiovese.. the perfect pairing with cheddar?

Bet you didn't know I'd look so good with udders, huh? Your wildest fantasies have come true.

Wollersheim Winery, Sangiovese, American Dry Red Wine, 2007. Now this tasted like an honest to God Wisconsin wine! And I was happy for it! While this wine was a little thin in the fruit department, it had nice high acidity, reminded me of slightly unripe cherries, which you know I like, and it the perfect wine to drink in the setting on the Wisconsin State Fair. What I really liked about it is that it tasted true to its, forgive the banal expression, terroir. There was no doubt this was a Wisconsin wine! Perfect with cheddar? I dunno about that. But when I snuck a glass to a prize winning Holstein dairy cow in the bovine livestock stables, it seems to go down well with a big mouth of dry hay. 

No, seriously, I'm kidding people! I didn't feed it to the cows. I drank it myself and enjoyed every drop. You can get it on their website for $13! Support the Heartland!


Phil B. said...

No WI terroir in that wine - the Sangiovese is grown in Washington. (Hence the "American" designation) Very little Vitis Vinifera in Wisconsin; Riesling's about the only one cold-hardy enough to overwinter in the Midwest.

Great seeing you last week!

Amy said...

Ah!!! Thanks Phil! What you're saying then is that all the Wisconsin wine we had at the state fair wasn't from Wisconsin at all!!