Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Like Barolo in a spoon, but not really.

I know this seems to have nothing to do with wine, not directly anyway. But I think that indirectly it has everything to do with wine. 

I love Yogurtland at LaBrea and Beverly! And I'm not the only one. It is PACKED every time I drive by. Like people out the door even when its windy and cold. People of all ages and sizes. I don't get it. But I mean, I do get it. I actually REALLY get it. I want Yogurtland everyday. I know its just frozen sugar and I'm not really into things like this. But I can't help myself. And I want to be clear - I don't get it the healthy way - with fruit or anything. I hate fruit for the most part (weird, huh? Who hates fruit?) I get Arctic Vanilla swirled with Dutch Chocolate and I put ground up Butterfinger and Snickers on top with sliced almonds and chocolate chips. It's delicious. 

If they made a Yogurtland flavored wine it would be my favorite, especially at 30 cents an ounce. Oddly, I always seem to spend exactly $2.72. Amazing how consistent I am. It's a true pleasure in life. Kinda like Barolo. And that's how it's like wine. 

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