Friday, April 17, 2009


Chateau de la Negly, La Falaise, Coteaux de Languedoc, 2006. 

When Peter and I drank this wine he said, "This is the sort of wine that scares you as a syrah producer, because its so good, and the price is unbelieveable"

And indeed he is correct. It has smoky, meaty, gamey notes, but great black fruit concentration and moderate, very balanced tannins. It is simply the best Syrah I have had this year. And it would be perfect for my friends Rebecca who Peter, who love different styles of wine. It has old world qualities for Rebecca and new world qualities for Peter. It's the perfect wine at the perfect price. 

It's on sale now for $19.99 at K&L in Hollywood. 


Rebecca Hedrick said...

I just got a nice little jolt seeing how perfect this would be me! and Peter, of course. but me mostly! let's pick a night for din din. Miss you both and will go buy this wine immediately!

Eduardo Wankero said...

Is this one of Clos du Bois's French holdings?