Monday, April 13, 2009

A new summer love.

Pierre-Marie Chermette, Fleurie, Les Garants, 2006.

The wine is way better than the picture. 

I just love GREAT Cru Beaujolais like this as much as I love Chinon and Loire Cab Franc. 

This is the opposite of Nouveau - as you pros know - its not uber complex - but full of ripe cherry fruit, high acidity and savory dried herbs. Yum-o-rama! Perf for summer outside in the sun, chillin with the hubby and the bubby (That's Bubbles the dog). 

Go this for $22 at the Cheese Store of Silverlake 


Jeff Zimmitti said...

Love this producer. We have got the 06 Fleurie Doncie and it rocks too. Why don't more people like Gamay? I know Lou does and Julian does but 2 people does not make a groundswell.

Jeff Zimmitti said...

Oops, not the same producer. Mine is Vissoux (labels look alike).

Is that wine biogotry? They look alike... so they are the same.

Amy said...

Not at all, they do sort of all look alike, and have a similar taste too!

But save me one of those!!!!

Jeff Zimmitti said...

I double checked and it is the same producer after all. Wygandt/Metzler dealie... I second guessed myself.

Jeff Zimmitti said...

I am trying to get your comment count up.

But another very rockin Gamay is the 07 Dom. Cheveau Saint-Amour, also a cru. Brought in by Rosenthal. Very tasty stuff @ $25.99.

Amy said...

I will take both!

Jill said...

I have the Dom du Vissoux Pierre Marie Chermette Tradition Vieilles Vignes, a non Cru Beauj that rocks pretty hard...I sent it out in a club shipment and I think many people hated it. Oh well. I also don't get why this is such a controversial grape!

Zachary said...

I *heart* this wine. The finish is so clean and minerally, very expressive of the granite slopes of Les Garants.