Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The green lizard.

F.X. Pichler, Riesling Federspiel, Urgestein, Terrassen, Wachau, Austria, 2007. 

Say that 5 times fast. No really, try to say it just one time slow, it's still impossible. 

I love Pichler, but like so many German wines (yes, I know this is Austrian), I just can't imagine the average consumer picking this up and saying, "Wow, this wine looks just delicious, let's have that for dinner for tonight!" The Smaragd / Federspiel / Steinfeder is a whole 'nother classification system to learn, and I just don't really WANT to learn another one. It's just too much. Basically, in case you don't know, wines from the Wachau are classified according to their "must weight" or how ripe the grapes are at harvest. There are 3 levels. 

Smaragd is equivalent to Auslese, Federspiel is equivalent to Kabinett and Steinfeder is equivalent to Qualitätswein. That assumes, of course, that you know the German Pradikat system, which means even more confusion to the consumer. AND that, naturally, these wines are totally dry, so its essentially, a dry Auslese / Kabinett / QbA.

I know those of you who know wine will be bored stiff from this post, but I'm just trying to be educatory. Ha!

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