Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Francois Crochet, Sancerre Rouge, 2006. 

We got this at Palate a hundred years ago and had been looking for it for months. We thought, did we drink that? I don't remember drinking it. But we must have! Alas, no, it was buried somewhere in the back house in a box in a cabinet. Don't know how it ended up there as it was meant to be consumed the night I brought it home last October. It's as if it came back from the dead. 

BUT I'm happy to say it was well worth waiting for. I like Sancerre Rouge and this one had a little, and I stress, a little, more red cherry fruit than is usually found in these rustic mamas. What I liked is the fruit was there to support the more rustic tannins and that made for a very nicely balanced, delicious and easy-drinking wine.  

$22.99 at Palate Food and Wine in Glendale.  

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Ian Johnson said...

I wonder if Lucien Crochet and Francois are related. Lucien's Sancerre is delicious.