Monday, March 9, 2009

A toast to Omar Sharif.

Les Pensees de Pallus, Chinon, 2006. 

Like Doctor Zhivago it just won't end. Our love affair with Cabernet Franc. 

I think we've purchased every CF available for sale in the state of CA. This baby is not the subtle minerally lean style, but a lush soft and pretty feminine little wine. I like both styles, but this one definitely smacks of extended maceration on the skins, I mean how else does one get that nice color, and it's not to be enchanted. 

And, as an aside, I'm really not one to comment on color as it seems of little value except when possibly trying to identify blind. And I think I said this one was Sangiovese. Of course. I better start tasting more or the practical portion of this MW exam is going to kick my arse. 

Word on the street is the barrels for elevage are 1 year old barrels purchased from Haut-Brion. Zing!

$19.99 Wine House


Anonymous said...

don't you serve the '05 of this at AOC? And when are you going to blog about the Cot and the Saumur you got from me?

I just picked up a couple of funky Loire reds (Gamay and Gamay blend) from a shop up the street. Wanna try 'em?

Amy said...

Peter says those are still in the back house... I never know what we are going to drink, he usually just picks something and I blind taste it and usually get it wrong. I like to keep things consistent.

Yeah, I'd love to try those. We are bottling the new Hocus Pocus tomorrow - so I'm leaving tonight - and we're gone for a wedding in Texas on Friday... so if you can wait until next week - I'm all over it.

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'm in no hurry. Be careful bottling, don't drop any cases on the ground or anything...

Amy said...

I never did earn that nickname I always wanted... "Grace"

Anonymous said...

Have you tasted/consumed/blogged on 2006 Catherine & Pierre Breton Chinon Beaumont yet? I think you're going to like the way you look.