Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot and tangy.

Langmeil, Three Gardens, GSM, Barossa, Australia, 2005. 

Now, I am blogging about this wine not because I loved it, but I think it was very "correct". you know what I mean? It tasted just like I expected, even if that taste isn't my preference. 

Subtle red berry fruit, framboise flavors and bafflingly high acidity. I have found this in so many of the Aussie wines recently from my blind tastings. Really ripe, high alcohol wines with high tangy acidity. That has to be acidulation, which I'm not against BTW, it's just a weird tactile sensation. I would love to know if it was acidified after fermentation, but I suppose that is one to ponder. 

This is for those of you who like them rich, but fresh. A simple fruity style. Pretty and easy drinking. And pretty cheap. $16.49 at the Wine House. 


Ian Johnson said...

I get acidification on most Australian reds. It is indeed tactile. To me, I get a grainy feeling in my mouth along with a strange sense of acidity. It's not a pleasant style for my palate. You can't beat the heady alcohol at times though. Sometimes, like candy, these big overblown wines satisfy, but it's not very often.

Amy said...

I find about half a glass does it for me! But I'm getting old!!

Ian Johnson said...

I'm getting older!

Finn Anson said...

Oh for God's sake!!! Just stop moaning about age!!!

Oh dear I am dribbling again...where's my bib....NUUUURSSSSEEE!!!