Friday, January 16, 2009

Take a Clos LaChance.

Clos LaChance, Grenache, 2005. 

We drank this wine with friends who had been to the winery and bought it direct. I am a big fan of buying wine direct from the producer (of course!) when you can. Not to say that I'm not a fan of supporting your local retailer - that's good too. 

But anyway, we all thought this went really well with our Thanksgiving-esque dinner. It may seem late for Thanksgiving, no actually... it's never too late for Thanksgiving... This wine had lots of baking spices, which I would have called Christmas spice, but it is too late for Christmas, and juicy jammy ripe strawberry fruit. Perfect for all ya'll who LOVE California wine. According to recent statistics that's over 75% of you.

They have some cool videos on their site - so check it out!


Unknown said...

Clos LaChance rings a bell. I'm not sure but I think they are the people who produce the "style" wines -- Bubbly, Mellow, etc. -- for the WineStyles franchise (I used to work at one).

Anonymous said...

Thanks so mcuh for the kind words Amy! Glad you liked the wine. The Grenache is one of my personal favorites too.

Nancy--yes, a few years back we had the bright idea to make wines for WineStyles under their 8 different styles. It didn't go so they have been discontinued. The wine was good (it was ours and some really cool blends that we had fun doing), but I think the pricing and the label was all wrong. Oh well, not all ideas are good ones.

Cheers to you both,

Cheryl Durzy
Clos LaChance Wines