Thursday, January 15, 2009

The other Chave.

Yum! Yann Chave, Crozes-Hermitage, 2006. 

I wrote on the 2005 last year, and so you know how much I love this wine. It has unfortunately increased in cost over the years, seems we used to pay like $22 for it. Now it's $27.99, and I believe we bought this at our big Wine House shopping spree in November. 

Peppery for sure, minerally - yes and some real nice plummy fruit make this an excellent and balanced wine that even your friends who drink beer and strawberry flavored vodka will enjoy. (Let's hope you don't hang out with too many of those people.)

And how is he related to J.L. Chave? Well, I don't know. I asked Kimberly Jones last year and she didn't seem to think they were related at all. But come on! It's France. There must be incest.  


Ian Johnson said...

I once worked with a producer from the Southern Rhone who liked to joke about
how the folks in the Northern Rhone were the equivalent of hillbillies. He even mentioned a famous producer he said was married to his who knows!

Amy said...

Who??? wow! love the gossip!!!

Jerome said...

Yann and Jean Luois are not related... or at least not in a few hundred years.