Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nice label. Good wine.

Cooralook, Mornington Peninsula, Australia, Pinot Noir, 2005.

$19.50 at Silverlake Wine

Aussie and NZ Pinot are really growing on me, mostly because I can't afford to drink real Pinot Noir (Burgundy) anymore. JUST KIDDING! Can't anyone take a joke around here??

Even though Oz exports to the US are down by 18% in 2008, I think that's an even better reason to look toward them for value and high quality. I always look for wines that are NOT from Barossa or Coonawarra, but instead from Tasmania, Mornington Peninsula or my new fav, Western Australia. They are the future of great wine from Australia. 

Anyhoo, this is a beautiful dark cherry fruit and that famous underlying minty quality that I find in so many Australian wines. Plus, I really like the simplicity of the label. I mean, it's no "flying man" label or man riding on the handle bars of a bicycle backwards, but not everyone can be THAT brilliant. 

Alrighty then mate??? (I love to think of Crocodile Dundee when I drink wines from Down Under.)


Ian Johnson said...

Nice to see your corny side!

Kirkland Moody said...

Have you tried Mornington Estate Pinot Noir? Available at Bristol Farms - $17 - very tasty!

Amy said...

I haven't but I like $17!

dhonig said...

NZ is doing a great job with Pinot in Central Otago, avoiding the temptation to imitate Napa and add too much oak, or Oregon with too little terroir.