Monday, January 26, 2009

If you want to spend and not save.

Francois Raveneau, Chablis, Fortet, 1er Cru, 2005. 

Now, this isn't a wine for drinking everyday - but I say, if you're going to drink Chablis, only drink the best. I actually drank this on my recent trip to Burgundy - and I wasn't buying - which is why I was drinking Chablis and even enjoying it. 

Full of green apples, but with a slight lactic aroma, it reminded me of sniffing an empty milk carton. But in a good way - before it turns sour. No new oak influence, and very young, so the wine was fresh and vibrant and perfect with Salade Vert. 

This is close to impossible to find retail, but we do have some at aoc and I'm sure you can find it at places like Melisse and Providence. Hey big spender! You should expect to pay around $150. I think. If I remember correctly, but of course, I rarely do!

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