Friday, December 5, 2008

A new blog!

My friend Kirk started his own LA wine blog and I'm psyched to have a partner out there!! He works the camera in casting offices around town and I dig him because he's like a real dude. I don't say that about most people I meet in my "other" life. Stop reading my blog, because its boring, and check out his blog!

I  LOVE the title Squished and Fermented because I hate the word CRUSH. People always want to come to the winery for "crush" and that word has started to appear very amateur to me. Yes, I'm being honest about vernacular because it's my blog and I'm allowed.  I'm going to the winery to SQUISH now. I've definitely gotten squishy over the last 3 months, while Julian at the Cheese Store of Silverlake is getting less squishy thanks to Dr. Dick. (If you want to know details call the store on Thursdays between 12 and 4 - let's just say the 2 most important organs are fully functional. LADIES?!??!)


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Anonymous said...

That would be liver & prostate. Huge Johnson still needs some encouragement.