Friday, November 7, 2008

No info.

I've been a very unreliable blogger - with harvest and an MW mock exam this weekend I can't seem to get a blog post up. 

This was a terrific Yellow Muscat from Slovenia that I had at Grace. Low Alcohol, around 8%, very lean with a slight oily texture and fairly low acidity. It had real Riesling qualities, a little diesely and floral. 

Now, I can't seem to make out the name, but you can drink it at Grace if you want to give it a go! Ask for Eduardo. 

This is a nice post, huh? No price, no producer name. REAL INFORMATIONAL LIKE. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello Amy,

I am glad you liked this Yellow Muscat (or Rumeni Muskat as the Slovenes call it). It's made by Crnko in the Maribor region in Slovenia just south of the Austrian border. We are the West Coast distributor of this beauty and only get 10-20 cases each year. We have just received the new 2007 vintage. You can buy it at the Wine Hotel in LA or order it directly from us at It retails for $24.95. Cheers, Frank.