Monday, November 10, 2008

Being charitable.

I'm so irritated with blogger!! I can't seem to upload pictures which is why my posts have been so sparse. 

Last night was my birthday dinner just with me and Peter at Piccolo in Venice. Truly spectacular food!

We drank San Patrignano, Avi, Sangiovese di Romagna. Very expensive $126 - but we had a gift certificate so really threw caution to the wind!

It was deeply colored and much more fresh and fruity than I expected. And weighty - it was a real ball buster - but in a good way. Almost tasted like a 2003 - so much fruit and alcohol was at 14.5% - I wasn't driving!!!

The winery is known for hiring and rehabing drug addicted troubled teens. So when you spend $126 it's really a charitable donation. 

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