Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My vote for Pax.

I know this is backwards, but I was too lazy to take a real picture. I turn 35 in a matter of days and its getting harder to motivate myself to do the simpliest things. Like washing my socks. Ugh. What a chore. 

Pax, Syrah, Cuvee Reltic, North Coast, 2005.

In the past I haven't loved Cuvee Christine, which might seem weird because my last name is Christine, because its just too much fruit and alcohol. BUT I really liked this wine, the alcohol was still a wee intense, but not distracting from the underlying minerality and smokey, gamey notes. It was very Rhone-like, which is cool because even in the Rhone those alcohol levels can creep up!! There's a little note on the back that explains their philosophy to try to produce wines as great as Hermitage. And it costs about half the price of Hermitage ($60).

Cool beans babies - it tastes good! 

BTW - HAPPY ELECTION DAY!!!!!!!! Did you vote?? Tell me about it! I'm so glad I voted by mail!! I just drove by my polling location and there's 2 long lines around the corner of the church. So....Will you be cheering or crying tonight??? I will be doing both!

There's going to be a 42 inch plasma screen TV at AOC - I'll be having dinner at the bar around 7pm - so come join me friends!!!


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Jeff Zimmitti said...

Happy Birthday! (if I don't talk/e-mail to you before then).

Voted today, early, in line 'cuz I wanted to feel it. Great fun and not too long of a wait.

I am tired of old white guys running the show, so I voted my liberal heart out. More wine, more freedom, more votes.

Get out there!