Sunday, November 2, 2008

Port Party.

Remember the last Portugese wine I wrote on? It was cheap and spectacular! And this one is no less so. It came to me via a challenge with Eduardo that he could not produce an under $15 retail wine that would REALLY LOVE. One that had balance, a great texture and good fruit and complexity. Something that made me want to drink another glass. So I gladly lost - just for the record - I WANT to lose at this game! I need more cheap wine as Burgundy sales are lagging in this horrible economy. 

Casa Ferreirinha, Douro, 2002. This is a family owned operation that's been around since 1751 (I read this on the importer's site which has good info.) It's density is so impressive I just wanted to roll it around in my mouth forever. It was a little raisined, and definitely high in alcohol, so just don't drink too much, or its like hangover city! 
Vinha Grande is a blend of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, and Tinta Roriz grapes from vineyards in the Douro Superior and Upper Douro, aged in new and used French oak barrels. 

You can get it at Grace, but I couldn't find it retail in CA. Regardless, I am now a huge fan of dry Portugese red and am suggesting that you, my friends, get on the bandwagon. Ask at your local wine shop. 

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Anonymous said...

The Cheese Store of Silver Fox has had it in the past. Epic is the distrib as I recall.