Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zin city.

Now those of you who know me, you know that Zinfandel isn't really my style especially it's from 1971. (umm... Julian) But my friend Tom Hunter from SF told recommended this Dashe Cellars, Zinfandel, Dry Creek, 2006. I've had their dessert wine but not the dry wines. 

Tom writes, "It has ripe California fruit, but also has finesse and great aromatics... reminds me of Rhone Grenache."

I found this for $19.99 at Lincoln Fine Wines on Lincoln in Venice. It was a very cool store. I thought they had oodles of good wine to drink! So stop in and check out the store. It's only been there for 6 months, but for you Venice residents, I think it's a great find. 


Anonymous said...

1999 Dashe Cellars Zinfandel $25 on

Amy said...

what other jewels have you found there this week???

Anonymous said...

1975 Sebastiani Proprietor's Reserve Barbera $20 for your clothing-op jacuzzi party tonight. Everyone invited!

Tom Hunter said...

hi, just a quick correction - i'm sure the dashe zin you have pictured is a nice wine, but the dashe zin i recommended was their 2007 l'enfant terrible. it's from organically grown fruit, relatively low alcohol, native yeast fermentation, and no sulphur (or quite minimal, not sure) - check it out.

Amy said...

Sorry Tom! I will look for that one now too.

And a jacuzzi party with a perverted Brit and a 30 year old Zinfandel? hmm... I have to feed my coyotes tonight.