Friday, August 15, 2008

Google goes organic.

I worked a "green" Google party last night for aoc / lucques and met a bunch a bunch of great people who seemed to really like what we were pouring. All organic and / or biodynamic wines. 

Pictured is our friend Adam who really liked the Ehlers, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, 2005. The story goes that the owner is a cardiologist and that all the proceeds are donated to cardiac research, which on top of being a biodynamically farmed vineyard, is pretty darn cool. 
I asked Adam why he liked it and he coyly replied, "Because you recommended it to me." If I've ever heard a  better reason to drink a wine I certainly cannot remember it.  

I will tell you that the Ehlers, even though it's filled with densely packed ripe dark fruits, it has very soft tannins and is totally approachable and REFRESHING. A true marker of high quality for me! Given it's popularity last night, I'd say grab yourself a bottle soon before all the Google geniuses gobble it up. 

You can get this on the list at Lucques for around $60 and can buy it retail at K&L in Hollywood for $26.99. 

More Google surprises tomorrow!

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