Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hang over material. Part 2.

Well, it will come to no surprise to any of you that there was a second (and third) bottle resulting in my debauched state on Friday night. Manzone, La Gramolere, Barolo, 2001 was a wedding present from Susan, Tracy and Molly of Venokado (see below). 

I loved this wine, more than the Graillot actually. I thought it had really beautifully structured tannins and elegant layers of acid, that tar and rose thing that Barolo does so well and, of course, a small helping of that ever so Italian character of volatile acidity. It has a dense chalky texture that I found...well... seductive. How about that one? I was seduced and I paid the consequences of sin. 

Now, it ain't cheap, $69.99 at Wine Exchange in Orange, but again, you have options and there are hard choices to make in your life. You can't go out and have dinner for 2 people for less than $70 these days. So order a bottle of this and stay at home and cook for your honey.  You will thank me when the night turns... well... seductive. 

Also, very glad to see that our friends at Palate got their props in the LA Times today. 

Also, Also, check out today's hellomw post. The perfect Barolo blind tasting note. 

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