Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where's the beef?

This is the first and only time I am going to write about an unimpressive wine. I figure it's really a waste of your time, but think this as a warning.

First, you should know, I am generally weary of recommendations because I have such specific criteria and I know what I like. Second, I was at Wine Exchange with an incredibly knowledgeable Burgundy man. He said to me, "Jadot and Bouchard were great in 2005... you have to get this wine..." as we loooked at the Louis Jadot, Savigny-les-Beaune, Clos des Guettes, 2005.

So I bought it - for $29.99 none the less. 

And, you know what? It tastes just like I thought it would. A little weedy, coarse and edgy with a short finish. And the alcohol stands out. That's crazy!!! The fruit does not support the alcohol. Where's the soft 2005 fruit? It was a near perfect vintage. But still, Jadot is a big "slick" winery (for Burgundy) and produces exactly what you'd expect it to produce. Industrial wine. This may be the first 2005 that's disappointed me. 

This is the deal - I'm not saying it's total crap. It's drinkable for sure and not entirely unpleasant. But for the money? I've got better places to spend $30 thank you very much. My socks and underwear have holes in them for Godssakes. That's the sacrifice I make to drink to good wine every night. And for the record - this is not worth holey panties. 

Victoria's Secret here I come. 

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Ian Johnson said...

I think it's safest to avoid large producers from Burgundy (Jadot, Latour, Bouchard, even Drouhin) and seek out wines from reputable importers. The large producers can and do make some very decent wine, but I'd rather hedge my bets on those little guys.

Better luck next time.

I really enjoy reading your blog by the way...good stuff.