Friday, July 25, 2008

Llama wine.

I totally dig this awesome little wine, La Yunta, Torrentes, Argentina for $8.99 at K&L in Hollywood. 

This is one of those wines that when you smell it you expect it to be sweet and then its not. It's just a lightly tropical juice monger, not too high in acid and really floral and aromatic. 

Torrentes has certain albarino and even viognier like qualitites to me, but lacks the acidity of albarino and the weighty mouthfeel of viognier. This Torrentes is another Capri-Sun style wine, which isn't a bad thing in this case!

I certainly feel like if I had a Llama and a case of this wine I could travel around the Andes for a while.  

Anyway, for $8.99 what do you have to lose?


Anonymous said...

"a lightly tropical juice monger"? I didn't know you knew my ex-wife.

Amy said...

I am your ex-wife.

carawine said...

Just so happens that I have a Llama roped against a fence in the Andes! I am ready when you are!