Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Cote de l'Ange, Chateauneuf-de-pape, 2005 is another uber-delicious wine. It's like crazy people! I got REALLY lucky 2 nights in a row.

Peter blind tasted me on this one again, and I thought it was Italian because of some really nice (not offensive) notes of Volatile Acidity. But - big shock - I was wrong. AGAIN.

Anyhoo, all ego aside, this wine is just luscious goodness. The fruit is so sweet and elegant and refined. Ultra silky smooth (like shiny pantyhose) and really complex with lots of baked cherry and spicy cedar qualities.  

It's $37.99 at Domaine 547. Remember - free delivery in LA. As in, you call up Jill, order it and it shows up at your front door and you didn't have to do anything. 

You're not kidding anyone with that gym membership that you never use. Go ahead, let loose. Embrace your sedentary lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing that nearly drained bottle.

Oh, and there's a little blurb about you here...check it out: http://www.grape-juice.ca/2008/07/20/wbw-47-round-up-spectacular-selections/

Amy said...

Oh, it got REALLY drained - down to the last delicious drop...

And boy do I love reading about myself!!! :) Thanks for the submission!