Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Palate cleanser.

Today's wine:

Txakoli Gurrutxaga, Bizkaiko Txakolina, Spain, 2007.

Another rosado from Spain. (I emptied the bottle into my belly before I snapped the photo - so you can't tell it was once rose!) This was a super refreshing wine that took me a few sips to get adjusted before the full enjoyment effect kicked in.

It was a little spritzy at first, with lots of fresh strawberry fruit, tart cherry and mineral flavors. Not complex, just good everyday drinking rose. It's all done in stainless steel making this wine very bright, fresh and clean. It's the total opposite of the oak driven oxidative style of the 1997 Rosado I wrote about below. It's also only 10.5% alcohol, so it's perfect for mid-day Saturday drinking while planting your summer tomato garden. Yum!

Txakoli (pronounced Cha-co-lee) is from the Basque region in Spain. there are 3 D.O.s (Denomination of Origin) here. This one is from Bizkaiko. It's made from 100% Hondarrabi Beltza, a native red variety in the region.

This is $17.99 at Palate Food and Wine. If you haven't been to Palate in Glendale - you must go! It's brand new, Chef Octavio formerly of Patina and genius wine guy Steve Goldun, formerly of Woodland Hills, have opened an amazing space. There is both a restaurant and a retail store. This is going to be the next big restaurant in LA, mark my words!

And ready for this?? I challenge anyone out there to find a place that is offering the prices and the selections available at Palate. Two weeks ago, Peter and I drank a 2001 Talenti Brunello there for $68. We came home and saw it on wine-searcher for $75. It was on the list at the restaurant for less than retail price. I almost fainted. I can't stop talking about it. I'm an evangelical convert. This is the restaurant I have been waiting for my whole life!

And it's not like Steve is offering this one wine at that price because he got it on close-out (like the riesling at Hatfield's). The prices are outstanding for every single wine on the list, because he wants people to drink great wine. I love that!!!

And the food... well.. you just have to go and experience it yourself. Check out the free range (house dry aged) WHOLE lamb. Octavio is very proud to support his local farmers - and even though meat makes me queasy I think I will chow down on some lamb on my next visit!

Make a reservation there NOW. I command you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,

I am dying to try Palate. I am going to go with a friend who is a member for the full experience.

I have to say I tried the Spanish rosé you raved about above and didn't like it. I wanted to because it was so unique sounding. But in the end it was bitter, flat and lacking in any real appealing fruit qualities. To each his or her own...

See, I really do read your blog! - JZ

Amy said...

Yeah, I see where you are coming from. We first tasted it and almost ditched the bottle and opened up something else, but we gave it about about 20 minutes in the glass and the spritziness blew off and then it really grew on me. I was really psyched about the 10.5% alcohol too. But yes, the fruit was subdued...

How about that 1997 Rosado?? That wine is killer!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, I've been thinking about that one since Julian mentioned it to me a coupla weeks ago. Love to try it!

Speaking of low alcohol, I'm pysched about this little vinho verde coming in next week. 10.5% also and quite refreshing.

Portugal can rock - Zman

Richard Auffrey said...

I just bought a couple bottles of the Txakoli this evening and very much look forward to it. I am a big Txakoli fan, and though I have had the red and white, I have not had a Rose yet.