Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tickle me Pichler.

FX Pichler, Riesling Federspiel, von den Terrassen, Wachau, 2006. All the words on the label are just annoying, but once you memorize a few things nothing can hold you back from enjoying those precise little Austrians.

First the "ch" in Pichler is prounced like a "k". Pichler is the producer. Rielsing (obviously) the variety. Wachau is the region. Federspiel is the quality classification used only in the Wachau. Other regions in Austria follow a similar system to Germany (Kabinett, Spatlese, etc.) Emily from Winemonger does a great job explaining this. It's worth trying to memorize a few of these classification systems so that you can determine
sweetness and quality levels for Austrian and German wines.

This wine is totally dry and refreshing with it's clean, crisp and fresh acidity. There's always something about Austrian Riesling that tastes almost oily or waxy to me despite the high acid. It's kind of round and simultaneously austere. Great as a pre-din din cocktail!

Give this a go for sure this summer.
It can be found at the Wine House. ($29.99)
And it's screwcapped - easy to open and perfect for a picnic or poolside with your schmoopies.

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