Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Co Wine Co Value.

Sarabande, Cotes-du-Roussillon Village, 2006 is delicious! Grenache based, just super clean, fruity while still light and elegant. It has a nice stick to your palate texture. I mean, I can't imagine what else you could ask for for $13.99. I'd pay $20 for this wine.

John at Colorado Wine Co. recommended this to me. And when I was hesitant because of the low price - as in "Really? How can a $13 wine be any good?", he nicely said, "it's easy to find good expensive wines, the challenge and the fun is finding the good cheap ones." (loosely quoted!)

Anyhoo, he was right, AGAIN. Call John and give this one a try for dinner (or lunch?) tonight.


Rebecca Hedrick said...

i just clicked the link to Colorado Wine Company and whose wine is on the front page?! Not only does Hocus Pocus get a glowing review, but you, my friend, are referred to as an "all-around cool chick" -- or something like that. Here, Here!

Amy said...

I had no idea! Thanks Rebecca for pointing that out :) I will have to check it out!!!