Friday, April 11, 2008

The Land of Salt and Honey.

I have a friend who calls me sweet and sour (for obvious reasons) and right now as I consume my Preserved Lemons made by culinary genius Robert Lambert and then take a sip of 2004 Pelerin Syrah from Monterey County I am reminded of myself. I LOVE the salty sour preserved lemons which provide so much pleasure for $12.99. (Incidentally, I also have the preserved Rangpur Limes, which are odd to my waspy taste buds but really fantastic.)

Being the foody that I am, I have paired the jarred lemons with the above mentioned wine. It's actually really nice to drink a domestic syrah, as I make some of that stuff myself and it's nice to see what other peeps in a wee higher price range ($24.99) are doing with it.

Owner Chris Pollan (pictured) and wine buyer, Julian (who, like Cher, doesn't need a last name), recommended this wonderful little wine to me at the CheeseStore of Silverlake. Peter loves the label. It has the effect of making me feel religious (it's about time). It's not shy on the alcohol, but it's still quite elegant with tons of dark stewed fruits. However, it's not over-the-top syrupy like so many domestic reds, so you can finish the bottle NO PROBLEM. This is their entry level and if you want to spend a couple more bucks you can get one of their single vineyard designates.

Mostly, if you haven't been to the CheeseStore - you have to go right now. As in NOW. It's wedged between Cafe Stella and Intellegista Coffee in Sunset Junction. They have so many amazing things to fondle and delight in besides cheese (and I'm not talking about Julian). I get all my salt and honey there too!

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