Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joguet Chinon 2006

Finally!! The exam is finished and now I can go back to what I do best... studying. Because it looks like I will be taking it again! Good for me I guess and good for the blog.

Blogging is about 112th on my list of favorite things to do. When I'm doing it, I hate it. When I'm not doing it, I'm thinking I should be doing it.

There were a few mistakes I made that I made. Believe it or not, as much Cab Franc as I drank last year I mistook it for Valpolicella and vice versa. So I went out and bought some of these and tasted them side by side.

Perfumed, a little brett, a little reduction with tobacco leaf aromatics, med + acid, 13.5% alc.
rustic, grippy tannins and black currant and copper penny on the palate.

Delicious in a tasting and even better sitting on the couch and watching Top Chef Masters
while sipping.

Hillside expoure, hand picked, 5 day cold soak, 21 days on the skins (!), 30C Ferm temps,
daily punchdowns and finally, MLF in barrel, with the wine spending about 14 months
in 1-3 yr old neutral wood barrels. Don't say I never did any research for you!

Charles Joguet, Clos de Chene Vert, Chinon, 2006.

About $26.

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