Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not half off.

Leeuwin Estate, Art Series, Margaret River, Riesling, 2006.

Wine House $19.99.

This is a really delicious little Riesling that I blind tasted with 2 other Rieslings. One of those MW questions, "3 wines, same variety, different country". I thought this was New Zealand, Marlborough, but really it was far too juicy and approachable for NZ. I had a New Zealand wine in this flight as well and it was AUSTERE, with a capital A U S T E R E. I guess I'm being redundant, but I'm getting older, so that's what I do.

Speaking of getting older. I am in Ft. Lauderdale right now. For work, not by choice, not that there's anything WRONG with FT. Lauderdale I'm just saying... I was having breakfast this morning. Sat next to 2 old men. They were talking about restaurants. One guy says to the other in a thick NY accent, "You gotta try this new French restaurant down the street, called SAGE. Great French food. The BEST French food. On Mondays everything is half off. $40 bottle of wine, $20. $18 entree, $9. Lamb Chops, I love Lamb Chops, $22 regularly, guess how much they are on Monday?? $11! Martini's $10 usually, not on Monday, they are $5!" I was like OK! We get it! Everything is half off!!!

Anyway, just a side note about how funny old people are. So this wine, ripe green apple, little tropical fruit and high, but not tart acidity. Real nice people. Real nice. And it's only $20 dollar. Though if you go to SAGE maybe you can get it for $10???

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