Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cheap Malbec!

Ambas, Mendoza, Argentina, Malbec, 2008.

Lots of primary red berry fruit, this wine is easy-drinking, easy easy easy. Like totally gulpable. It was a sample sent to me in the mail by Fresh and Easy. I had it pegged as about a $15 retail wine, but from the primary fruit I could tell it was done in tank, but well done, which you know I usually don't say about wine done in tank.

Get ready for this... it's $6. Six dollars people. How can anyone make wine for $6??

Anyway, grab a bottle as you pick up your organic skirt steak on your next trip to F&E.


Jeff Zimmitti said...

Since I am one of the only ones to get through the new "barriers" I feel obliged to comment.

I will use my least favorite descriptor, used by many a rep, but this wine sounds "delish."

How about some love over on my lame blog: http://rossowineshop.blogspot.com/

Jeff said...

I have to disagree...they sent me a bottle of this as well, and we didn't think it was all that great. It was too far off in "tutti-frutti" land. There are better wines in the same price point. Why would you buy this wine when you could buy the immensely better 07 Perrin Cotes du Rhone for the same price?

Amy said...

First I think it's impressive to make a bottle of wine for $8, no matter what it is. The 07 Perrin Cote du Rhone is fine, but in my opinion can't be compared stylistically to Malbec. Malbec is far richer with more fruit extraction, and lacks the lean mid-palate of OW Grenache. Comparing the new world and the old world isn't really fair either. I think both you and I prefer restrained fruit styles and the OW, and this isn't my style of wine per se, generally Malbec is too fruity and strong, but I found this one very pleasant for the category it represents. I'm trying to be more open minded afterall!!!!

Jeff said...

I don't necessarily disagree with you regarding being able to make a bottle of wine for under 8$. However, I think you can probably throw most 10$ and under "manipulated" wines into the same bucket. So stylistically, I don't see them as being all that different. They're generally commercial wines, with non-indigenous yeasts, purchased fruit, big blends, etc. That means they're fair game for comparison. The only reason why I even brought up the Perrin is because it's a well made wine under 10$ that has regional typicity. This Ambas could just as well be Yellow Tail or something...Generally, I think the only valid question with wine is is it good or bad? That varies from person to person. Comparing New World/Old World is definitely fair game in my book...I just happen to have a preference in one direction.