Monday, December 14, 2009

Valpo or Cab Franc?

Corte Sant'Alda, Valpolicella, Ca' Fiui, 2007.

This wine tortured me. Translucent ruby color, moderate plus tannin, moderate alcohol, muted aromatics and red berry fruit on the palate. Could be anything. I guessed Cabernet Franc, Loire. But what's funny is that there was something on the finish that I just couldn't pinpoint, like what the hell is that doing in Cabernet Franc?

It was a slightly bittersweet chocolate note, and I even wrote "dusty minerality" which to me always always always goes back to Italy. Love the dusty Italian thing. But even with that note I took a left turn and ended at Cab Franc because I just couldn't think what else it could be. Well, now I know. A very nice little Valpo, not super complex, really just an everyday drinking wine.

$21.99 at the Wine House.

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Tom Bailey said...

I like your wine blog it would be GREAT if you could share whether each one is vegan or non vegan.

Thank you for your blog.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey