Friday, December 11, 2009

Roagna Dolcetto

Roagna, Dolcetto, 2007.

I think this wine is just outstanding quality for the price. Super delicious - NOT too tanky and primary like so many really bad Dolcettos - it must be done in neutral barrel. No new oak, that would kill the soft blueberry fruit, but definitely has some complexity that occurs in neutral barrel.

Peter and I often pour off a little wine into an air tight 187ml bottle so that I can use it for blind tasting. So I got home from Tavern Monday night (which incidentally just has some of the best take home food in LA from the Larder) and drank it from my little 187ml bottle. I didn't know what it was. I thought Grenache. Why am I always thinking Grenache? But it was totally delicious 2 weeks later and much needed after a night at work.

Domaine LA, $18.99.

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Jaton Gunter said...

I understand, gotta love Grenache. But to get to the point, Dolcetto tends to get better, the more you leave it out. Dolcetto is quickly becoming one of my favorite varietals from Italy. Good write up.