Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots of Xs and Zs.

Gurrutxaga, Bizkaiko, Txakolina, Spain, 2008. 

In the vein of Vinho Verde comes another light bright lady, Txakolina. A grape variety that expresses fresh, crisp citrus notes and tart green apple. Like Vinho Verde its a mere 10.5% alcohol and has a spritzy spunk which makes it the perfect Monday morning breakfast wine. Start your week off with this blend of 60% Hondarribi Zuri, 20% Mune Mahasta and 20% Txori Mahasta. 

Can you say that 10 times fast? 

The perfect pairing with raws oysters to speed up your waning summer libido.

Around $20 at Larchmont Wine and Spirits. 


Mike Hunt said...

More spunk?

femi said...

Love your blog, I wanted to search it for some wine ideas....but I don't know how. Any chance you'd be willing tag your posts by region (Napa, Sonoma, Bordeaux, etc.)? and varietal? Us wine-idiots would really love that.
:-) fem

Amy said...

Yes, Fem, will do! If I can ever find the time to blog again.