Monday, September 21, 2009

It has begun... or will tomorrow anyway.

It's official. Our harvest will begin tomorrow. Peter and I have decided to bring in some Pinot from Carneros. The Napa side of Careneros. This was a bit of an unexpected turn of events, but we really liked the vineyard and the owners at Thomson Vineyards, as seen here on Google Earth. The town of Napa is to the Northeast. Peter flew up to check it out on Friday and viola we are now making Hocus Pocus PN again. As its going to be blistering hot this week up there, we've decided to pick tomorrow. Starting at 3am. We are concerned about leaving the fruit out there this week because we think all we will get is sugar development and no flavor development. We want moderate alcohol wine, not 14% PN. Plus, we are afraid they will just dump water on it as it gets hot and that's no good. So we are off and my poor husband will be busy by himself until I can get up there this weekend. So here's to a great vintage - we hope! Ching! AMY


Ian Johnson said...

Good luck.

Finn Anson said...

A 'viola' is a beautiful stringed instrument that would certainly have a soothing effect on the fermentation...voila!

(Before any scathing is just 'good 'aul pompous me'

Love from the Forest

Ian Johnson said...

I think Elvis would work better..."Love me tender..."
Fermentation can be violent. You don't want to piss it off with the viola.

Unknown said...

put me down for 2 bottles in advance.
(wholesale of course.)

Amy said...

Ah yes! My GD French - I have to work on that! And I did play the violin in middle school - we were always at war with the viola section. Bastard violas.