Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Excite, engorge, engage.

Ah! My friends, it has been some time since my last post, which was about a sad lost dog and nothing whatsoever to do about wine. So let's try to remedy things. First of all, I'd really like to change things up a bit. So I'm thinking about a new format. Not quite sure of the particulars yet, but hopefully a good idea will come to me in the next few weeks. 

Today I begin a 7 day adventure with Larchmont Wine and Spirits. Simon Cocks, as he's known by friends and enemies alike, is a stand-up guy with a couple of great dogs who really knows how to pick great wines for a great price. Says the Tony the Tiger, "He's GREEAAATTTT!"

Domaine Maestracci, E PROVE, Corse Clavi Blanc, Vermentino, 2008. 

Wow! Well, I can't say I drink a lot of Vermentino, but this one is at the top of my list to drink again. On warm breezy nights (we got at least 2 of those in LA this year) it's the perfect starter to a long night of debauchery and deception. I say deception because this wine is a bit deceptive. Vermentino from France? Who knew? I certainly didn't. I always associate, correlate, relate (whatevs) Vermentino to Italy. So lie, deceive and drink French Vermentino. 

It's like fresh squeezed meyer lemons in a glass. Fermented meyer lemons that is. Crisp, no oak, very clean and linear and even has a little spritz to get your tongue excited and engorged. No, I don't mean engorged. But what do I mean? I'm having one of those Christopher Durang moments in Beyond Therapy.  I think I mean excited and engaged. Engaged, engorged, whatevs. 

So enjoy this for $16.99 at Larchmont Wine and Spirits. Ask for Simon. Simon Cocks, as he's known by his.... well you know the rest. 


Bill F Jackson said...

Simon F Cocks, F for Francis.

Jeff Zimmitti said...

A, it is called Rolle in Corsica! But technically yes, Vermentino.

This is Kermit Lynch's "house" wine according to their newsletter.

Hey, when you gonna drink that 01 Barbera from Kermit?

I like the new idea: Simon sez...