Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dog Found

Anybody want a great dog?

I found her at La Brea and Washington yesterday. She's a pit / lab mix. Super sweet. About 9 months old, but probably 65 pounds. The most lovable, well adjusted dog ever. Very healthy. 

We are taking her to the West LA Shelter today as Bubbles has not taken too kindly to her, and we are sure she has owners and hope that they look there. She's potty trained and just a barrel of love and kisses. If you know anyone who is interested, that's where she will be. 


Fido Fernandez said...

Amy's LA Wine Dog then?

Amy said...

I really have to update this GD blog. It's just so boring.

CobrasWine said...

is that a no-kill shelter?

CobrasWine said...

How's the dog?