Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pork takes its hold and Gaja rescues.

I found my true calling in the Swine Barn at the Wisconsin State Fair. It didn't take long for me to decide that I wanted a career in pork. But which way to go? I could now see my path, but it was so convoluted. There were so many arrows directing me every which way, what's a girl to do? Bacon or belly?

Well, I went back to Peg's house in a panic. I needed to make decisions and I needed to make them fast. Wine life wasn't for me anymore. 

When I explained my predicament to Peg, she led me to her pool, just a small part of the beautiful 37 acres she and her husband own on Little Freiss Lake in Hubertis, and sat me down with a half bottle of Gaja, Rossj-Bass, Langhe, Chardonnay, 2005. She didn't say much, we mostly made small talk about the birds and the bees, literally, but soon the wine begin to have an effect. The world seemed less hostile, less confusing and the thoughts of sugar pork fairies dancing in my head diffused into ripe plump grapes bursting on the vine. Peg smiled, this isn't the first time a guest of hers has surrendered to the pork sirens. 

But damn those siren calls! They didn't get me! I was back! This little baby Gaja may just have saved my life. Could you imagine Amy's LA Pork Blog? I think not. 

The 2006 is available at 20-20 Wine Merchants in full 750ml bottles. 

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