Friday, August 21, 2009

A few last thoughts on Wisconsin.

Well my friends, its has been a great 5 days in Wisconsin, huh?! The hot, humid weather really wetted my palate for some terrific wines, and I hope you enjoyed our sojourn this week. There are a few more pictures I'd like to share with you along with a great bottle that we purchased in Chicago at a terrific wine shop called Red and White. Domaine Guiberteau, Saumur, 2005. We enjoyed it immediately upon arriving home from the airport. It was what one might call totally FAB, a dense and rich Cab Franc. $29.99, and well worth every penny!

I'm sure not everyone in the mid-west spells this poorly, but it does make one think about education reform. How's that coming Obama?

If you've ever enjoyed rabbit stew, it would be hard to do so again after visiting these adorable fuzzballs at the Wisconsin State Fair. "Nibble, nibble! he says and Please don't eat me, I love you!"

It speaks, and Peter listens. At Freiss Lake Pub in Hubertis, you can get your beer opened by a deer's ass. That's worth the trip in and of itself!

Goodbye Chicago and Milwaukee, we shall miss you!


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