Friday, July 3, 2009

Tavern is terrific! Part 2.

No, I know you think I'm biased, but I'm not. This morning after Bootcamp Peter and I were trying to think of where to have breakfast and we thought about all the BAD places there are in town, I won't name them, but you know what they are. I have yet to have a breakfast that blew me away. Wait, I take that back, brunch at Ammo is totally fab. But other than Ammo, the usual suspects suck. 

So we drove to Tavern - all the way to Brentwood - in our workout clothes. And half way there as we were sitting in traffic on the 10 I thought, we should have just eaten at home, this is too much trouble, etc. etc. 

BUT after we sat down and ordered and I had tea and Peter had coffee and Suzanne came out to say Hi, we were so very glad to be there and then the almond croissant came out and we were in heaven. We ordered the smoked fish plate and the oatmeal with cherry compote and all I can say is that there really is no reason to have breakfast anywhere else in the city. It's totally reasonably priced and well worth the drive. Here's a peak at the breakfast menu. As a bonus the dining room is gorgeous and they welcome you in whatever attire you are wearing! 

Next time I am ordering the butter crumbed eggs, which reminds me of a glorious brunch I had at Prune in NY last summer...

breakfast menu

Soft-scrambled eggs with fontina and crème fraîche 
Butter-crumbed eggs with arugula and soft polenta 
Chorizo and eggs with fried potatoes 
Priests pancakes with Vermont maple syrup 
French toast with bananas foster and hazelnuts 
Smoked fish with toasted rye & redwood hill cream cheese 
scottish oatmeal with dried fruit and steamed milk 
Housemade granola with milk or yogurt + berries 
Seasonal fruit / berries 
Fried potatoes 
Vande rose bacon or ham 
Country pork sausage patties 
Toast basket with butter and jam 

From the larder 

Almond croissant 
Pain au chocolat 
Walnut bundle 
Monkey bread 
Pecan sticky bun 
Caramelized apple turnover 
Cornmeal blackberry shortcake 
dried cherry and almond scone


Johnny Cakes said...

Sounds excellent, but Brentwood?

Amy said...

I'm telling you Cupcake - its worth the drive!