Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Campy Campari.

Friends! Lovers! I have been traveling for about 2 weeks straight - so please forgive my absence! 

Today I would like to speak of my good friend, Campari. As I was stranded in the Denver airport this past Monday, I found an "in" to the American Airlines Admirals Club. My boss has a lifetime membership there dating from 1965. The bartender had probably been there since 1965 as she wasn't quite with it, as they say. 

Campari is wonderfully refreshing - bitter and slightly sweet. So let's give wine a rest for the day and toast to the beverage made of fermented artichokes. Or thats the rumor anyway - you got anything different??? 

You can get this anywhere. So don't ask. 

1 comment:

Mas Huit said...

Cynar is artichokes. Not sure wot Campari is.