Monday, June 29, 2009


Robert Chevillon, Passetoutgrain, 2006. 

Ah! My new fav, goodbye Cru Beaujolais, hello Passetoutgrain. This is a very interesting wine from Burgundy where Gamay is blended with Pinot Noir, a minimum of 30% Pinot, but some of the best are 50/50 Gamay and PN. Unlike Beaujolais, there is usually not a lot of carbonic maceration, the best producers preferring to vinify the PN and the Gamay the same way. 

While I'm not sure on the exact blend of this wine, it's much different than 2 of my absolute favorite Passetoutgrains, Michel Lafarge and Francois Mikulski (both 50/50). This leads me to believe that its a higher percentage of Gamay, as it was more candied cherry than black cherry and very very light in style, high acid which made it very refreshing. It did take a little while to open up. I went from "I hate this wine!" to "wow! This ain't bad."

Peter bought this at Mission Wines in South Pasadena for $23. 

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Ian Johnson said...

You sure like FUNKY wine!