Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beans and meat.

Les Vin de Amies, Vin de Table, 2007. 

This wine is from a great Cornas producer, August Clape. This is a wine to drink while you wait for the Cornas to age. Of course I don't have any of the Cornas so.... there goes that plan. Guess we'll just drink this. 

100% Syrah it's fruity and forward for such a traditional producer, really densely packed with meat, game and black pepper. 

We drank this with cannellini bean stew, made with swiss chard and parsley from our garden. It's our favorite recession meal. I fry stale bread and we dip that in the soup. The meaty flavors in this wine are a substitute for real meat which we can't afford. It's literally like the Great Depression around here these days. 

Wow, I sure do miss going out to dinner...

Dave at Mission Wines in Pasadena recommended this to Peter. It's around $20. 


Anonymous said...

Quit bellyaching about being poor. Me & the octuplets & the other bastards are forced to subsist on dust, Jim Clendenen's toenails, & Uruguayan Tannat.

Amy said...

Good point. I'm better off than the rest for sure. Toenails and Tannat. Sounds like a boutique baby clothing line.

Hey - I'm going to email you about dinner Thursday - do you have plans already?

Anonymous said...

I'm under house arrest.