Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cider, Sidre.

This isn't really wine in that it's made from apples, not grapes. 

Eric Bordelet, Sidre Doux, NV.

Only 4% alcohol it's delicious and earthy and cidery - it says Doux - but wasn't perfect for drinking while decorating the tree.

We actually had the Poire sparkling - from 100 year old pear trees - for our Christmas festivities. 

You can get both of thee at El Vino is Venice.

The Sidre is $13.50
The Poire is $23.99


The Trusted Palate said...

I've had both of these ciders and they are delicious.
I don't know if the importer was putting me on but he said they were fruitarians. Probably spelled it wrong and chances are it's not a real word but apparantly they only pick fruit that has dropped from the tree. Much more humane that way. Jon David Hedrick imports these on the east coast. He's a good guy.

Amy said...

Ian, that is actually really funny - I've heard of fruitarians - never known any!

The Sidre we pour BTG at aoc and the Poire I've seen around for years - but this is the first time I've tried it. What's funny is what wide distribution they seem to have for such a very individual product.

Going up to Sonoma for a mock tasting exam this weekend. Don't know if I'm dreading it or looking forward to it! One thing I know for sure, there will be no apple or pear sparkling ciders on the menu!

Anonymous said...

Beaune Imports in CA.
& the Poire Granit is sourced from THREE-hundred-year-old orchards apparently.

Amy said...

Pear trees can live for 300 years?? And still produce fruit??

Anonymous said...

If Boy George can, why not pear trees?