Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wonder if the Pope likes it?

Cuvee du Vatican, CDP, 2006. 

This was a perfect wine to drink at La Botte with the very Sicilian and Catholic owner, "Mama". I don't know her name. We just call her Mama. I do know she likes to go to the Chumash Casino to play the slot machines with her sister. And she likes sweet wine, marsala I think. 

But, I digress. The Vatican was really adored by Peter's parents who preferred it to the Barbaresco that we also brought to dinner. It was jammy, a little stewy and very plummy. Soft tannins. Soft acidity. A perfect wine for the parentals who were a little overwhelmed by the tannins in the Nebbiolo.  

Another great Thanksgiving wine that can be purchased at the Wine House for $35.99.

By the way, the Brouilly I mentioned below is $13.99 at Vendomes in Toluca Lake. Hooyah!


Geraldo Maia said...

A friendly hello from Brazil:

Jeff Zimmitti said...

Yo Amy,

Just had the 2001 Vatican 2 weeks ago and it stole the show. Some of the wines it wiped the floor with: 2000 Domaine Milliere CdP, 2005 Versant, 1999 Williams Selyem Pinot Central Coast, 2001 Rocchioli PN, 2005 Coudelet de Beaucastel and a couple of Crozes Hermitage. Actually all of these wines showed great but the Vatican just hit a sweet spot.

Bottom line: this wine rocks most all vintages!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Peter!

Amy said...

Wow! Who were you drinking with??? That sounds fun!

I might just eat my first turkey today. I mean, my first Thanksgiving Turkey. Exciting!!!!

We are out in Palm Springs and the dog has already escaped twice. That put me in a pissy mood, running all over this gated community at 7am dodging golf carts for the dog. When Peter found her she jumped right up on his golf cart and rode home on the seat next to him like nothing happened. What a bitch!

I'm now going to try to breathe and relax.

Gobble Gobble!! Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Free the turkey, eat the dog.