Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The other wine.

This was the OTHER wine we had at La Botte. 

Castello di Neive, Santo Stefano, Barbaresco, 2004. 

Now this is what I'm talking about!! From a famous vineyard that Bruno Giacosa also uses for a wine that sells for $250 a bottle. This is like a BARGAIN. $40 at Wine House. 

I love the texture of this wine. I'm a huge fan of that chalky mouthfeel that grips my palate but is not overbearing, does that make sense? I mean, for instance, I am not the hugest fan of cabernet (yes, hugest is a word) because I always feel like its hitting me over the head. This wine sticks to your palate but isn't overly fruity. It has elegance. More minerals and earth than fruit and me likey!!!!

BOCK BOCK!! The turkey's a comin'!

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