Friday, November 21, 2008

If on;y it were still summer.

Wolf Blass, Yellow Label, South Australia, Riesling, 2006. 

Now I don't think this is quite "a classic wine of great character" but for the price it's pretty good. 

I don't often find myself drinking Wolf Blass, but Cara brought it over for me to blind taste and she got me! I thought it was a trocken wine from Germany. I think I put it in the Rheingau.

Lots of lemon/lime citrus fruit and a decent amount of petrol. I think what I really wanted was more complexity. I kept waiting for it to do more and it never did. STILL - every wine has its place and this one would be totally suitable to drinking on your patio in the middle of the summer. 

Too bad its not summer anymore! 

You can pick this wine up at Whole Foods for $12.99 (I think that's the price!!)

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