Monday, October 13, 2008

Hocus Pocus Reset!

I've missed 3 days of blogging because I have been at the winery taking care of my husband by cooking him three meals a day. He gets hungry this time of year and doesn't have the time or energy to cook for himself. So Suzy Homemaker to the rescue!

Every now and then I step in and do something around the winery - a punch down here and there and taking sugars - which I love to do actually. I think I would love to be a lab technician, but I have no background in chemistry, so that makes it hard to get hired. Plus, I hate cold. And labs are always cold. 

Anyway! We are celebrating the release of Hocus Pocus, "Reset", 2006. It's the same wine as the original Hocus Pocus, only we left it in barrel a little longer. You can get it at K&L for the moment and also at El Vino in Venice for around $18. Fun times!! The wine is really good, and we are super proud of it. Only 225 cases made, so get it while you can!!!

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