Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another icy one!

Matteo Cerregia, Roero, 2005. A deliciously fruity and tannic Nebbiolo from Piedmont, of course, that I also froze after one glass. This one was in the freezer for WEEKS, but still held its own after thawing in boiling water. These experiments are loads of fun. I get a lot of pleasure from not throwing out wine and then storing it next to Bubbles' Natural Balance Dog Food ay 28 degrees. 

Peter tells me that Matteo Cerregia died in a tractor accident a few years ago, but clearly someone is still making the wine. 

This bottle of fun was only $17.99 at Wine Exchange


Anonymous said...

Phew, when I saw the photo I got scared for a second that you'd begun a blog about eating dog food...

Anonymous said...

A sommelier at one of the resturants at Cesar's Palace in Vegas said that 2005 Vintage Piedmont wines are some the best values in the world right now. He said in general 2005 was a great year for Italian wines but the Piedmont region wines are the best. Basically any 2005 Piedmonts you can get your hands do so. Great story. Great Blog